domenica, agosto 07, 2005

Malta is further away than Cologne

...not only in distance from Sweden, but also by date of blog entry. I'm really stressed out about WYD, since it appears that my leaders (50-group, region and national) have been, let's say, "out of sync".


Warning: "SUK-patriots" are advised not to read any further, since doing so may, for such persons, result in a strong urge to kill me, and since you all know that murder is a sin, you may consider this blog entry a temptation, into which you (hopefully daily) profess that you wish not to be lead.

SUK-patriots - you have been warned.
Others - you will probably not want to kill me, and even if you will, you won't succeed. So just read on.


So I asked my leaders (for WYD in Cologne) this weekend how they had planned to solve issue A, that had caused problems both in Toronto and Rome. To which I get answers like "I'm not responsible for that", "ask [next leader in the hierarchy]", "I don't know" or "Oh - I hadn't thought about that", the later of which was followed by a
"Why didn't you say this before?"
-"I'm not a member of any preparation team and I have not been asked for any help by those that are."
"But you could have said things like that anyways".
-"I did. To which the answer was 'we'll tell you what you need to know when you need to know'".

So, for the (at least) third time in a row, the Swedish delegation to WYD will, on several points in the preparation, be prepared with a last-second solution.

This can be illustrated by the fact that we *might* give all leaders, or *maybe* just the 50-group leaders, a cap each, with the logo of the Swedish Catholic youth organization - but we don't know yet, since we (I) will have to check if the logo (that I had prepared as a sticker for my group's guitar) stays on if placed on fabric. That will happen tomorrow (and if adjustments have to be made, I'll have to have that done before late afternoon) and, the day after tomorrow, we can pick the stuff up. And, hours after we've picked it all up, then our preparation camp will start, with Mass, and will go on until same time the day after that, when the train leaves.

To do things in good time, or at least be well prepared so that you can do time-craving things without panic the days before deadline, is obviously not the way of the Swedish group.

And if any of them will read this, they'll tell me I'm wrong and unfair, and still: the same thing will happen when it's time to go to Australia for the next WYD. I'm not guessing that it will. I know it. The only thing that can prevent it from happening is a mass-revelation in which Jesus tells all the leaders and future leaders of SUK to shape it up and stay that way 'or else'.

Lack of organization and of continuity are, by the way, the two main reasons that nothing big in SUK ever seems to work. In fact, it sometimes seems as though the same is true about the entire Church in Sweden.

So - after that analysis of the hopelessness of the Church in Sweden, particularly in the youth organization, I'll try to have fun the coming two weeks in Germany. To be negative all the time helps you nowhere.

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