lunedì, febbraio 06, 2006

What does "peace" mean?

Religion of peace

You've all heard it. The mantra. "Islam is a religion of peace". I am not going to tell you that is untrue. But I invite you to consider this little line of thought:

Chrristianity is generally also considered a "religion of peace". Christianity has roughly 2 billion followers. Islam has roughly 1 billion followers.

1) How many people are killed per year by the peace of Christ?
2) How many are killed by the sword of Islam every year?
3) If you are one of those interesting people who somehow managed to answer question 1 with an even remotely close figure to that of question 2, I invite you to consider how many of the "Christian" murderers shouted "Allahu Akbar" or some christianized variation thereof.
4) How many Christian suicide bombers have you ever heard of?
5) How many Muslim suicide bombers have you heard of?
6) How much do religious murderers of different creeds generally care about civilian casualties (regardless of wether you count western modern warfare of sucular states as "Christian" or not)? Compare Islam to the other "peaceful religions".
7) Do an google image search for "anti-islam cartoons", "anti-islamic cartoons", "anti-islamist cartoons" and "anti-muslim cartoons", and compare the results with the result when you search for "anti-semitic cartoons", then tell me what countries should be boycotted.
8) Take a look at the "face of muhammed" pictures from Jyllands-posten (posted below in my latest blog entry) then explain by what reasoning they justify the burning of several danish embassies.

Now tell me: what does "peace" in the phrase "Islam is a religion of peace" mean?

My answer: Islam is not a peaceful religion - just look at its very bloody history, starting already in the Qu'ran - it has always spread by the sword - or, to borrow the words of Jesus - *lived* by the sword...

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