sabato, marzo 24, 2007

Explanation of my banner

In my comments box I was asked to explain the name and subtitle of my blog, so here goes:

"Remember Lepanto"
Lepanto is not the name of a person, but a place. And more importantly an event. It has to do with the defense of the Christian Europe and the beginning of the widespread use of the rosary that since then is known as the Rosary. I'll try to dig up a good text that describes this event, but for now I'll let you find out the details for yourselves.

PC is an abbreviation for "Politically correct". "Non-PC" therefore is meant to convey the fact that I stand for what I stand for (most importantly the teachings of the Catholic Church) without a need to consider whether it is in accordance with the popular secular view (which it rarely is). For those of us that use Macs (they rule, by the way) "non-PC" of course has one more meaning :)

Follower of the pope. Used as a derogative term for a person with - to use the words of Monty Python - "an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope".

2 commenti:

Johan A. Stenberg ha detto...

Tack för det!
Och allt det där låter ju ganska sympatiskt i mina öron!
Jag har nu sökt lite mer information om slaget utanför Lepanto och lärt mig lite mer om det också.


Leticia ha detto...

Good for you, standing for the unpopular teachings of the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church against the heresy of the Modern Age! Bravo!