giovedì, febbraio 28, 2008

Let's make Extraordinary ordinary

Sweden is not the worst place on earth with regards to the catholic liturgy, but still a good number of forbidden or tolerated/allowed misuses are widespread (priests ignoring the GIRM, communion in the hand, children's masses, female altar servers, etc.).

And then Ratzinger was elected Pope. Hall***jah![<- forbidden word during Lent] I love him. Summorum Pontificum has made me hope in a good future for the Church. With good liturgy comes good catholics. As often as I remember, I thank God that I am too young to have any memory of the 60's 70's or 80's, and only vague memories of the early 90's. My liturgical conciousness woke up just in time for the 40 years of pointless wandering in a liturgical desert to finally be reaching their end - Praise be to God!

I got goosebumps at the turning point of this video. Could it have been imagined ten years ago?

Thank you God for your faithful servant Benedict XVI!

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