mercoledì, giugno 08, 2005

Påvlig ofelbarhet

Från bloggen "What Is Truth?": Pope Can't Sin?

I just read one of those anti-Catholic web pages and the ignorance shown would be laughable, if it wasn't so serious. Apparently they think 'infallible' means 'not able to sin'. They think the teaching that the Pope is infallible when he teaches Ex Cathedra on an issue of faith or morals means he can't sin. What it means is that what he says must be accepted as truth by those in the Church, not that he can't sin. An example of this is that the Pope may say Ex Cathedra that lying is a sin. This must be accepted. Then later he may tell a lie (let's hope not) . That does not mean that his pronouncement saying lying is a sin was wrong. It means that he (as a private indivdual) is wrong (because he sinned by lying). The pronouncement is ever just, not the person.

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