lunedì, dicembre 26, 2005

Christmas Birds

From here:
"Christmas Birds"

Once there was a man. He was a
decent, upstanding citizen in his community, a devoted husband and father, and
was liked by all who knew him. By all accounts he was a success. But he did not
believe in Christmas.
Oh, he might believe in God,
more or less. He could accept the possibility that there was a single, great,
all powerful being whose mighty hand had put the universe in motion. But that
was the very essence of his argument against Christmas! If such a mighty being
existed, why would He come to Earth as a helpless baby, born in poverty in a
barn? Why not come in all His splendor and glory? Why not let people know who's
in charge?
So, as another Christmas
approached, he once again declined his wife's offer to join her and the children
in attending Christmas Eve church service. He watched them leave, then he curled
up in his easy chair with the evening paper and his favorite pipe.
Soon his family had departed,
the wind outside began to grow stronger. It buffeted the house and wailed
through the trees. As the man got up to place another log on the fire, he
suddenly heard what sounded like a snowball 'thud' against the window of his
reading room...

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