mercoledì, dicembre 14, 2005

If only you were warm or cold


"Thankfully the Church is preserved in its teaching, but that doesn't change the fact that its practices have often been geared toward this faulty logic--that is, pushing 10 active parishioners (and 1 vocation to the religious life) out to draw in one person who somehow never materializes, because he never actually cared about the Faith anyway."

This is SO true. The Church gains nothing by allowing dissent, rather the opposite. But the only way to make the Church realize this seems to be either that the dissenters leave (unlikely, since they won't get thrown out, and they are stupid enough to believe that the Church will change what cannot be changed), or open persecution. And I am beginning to hope for the latter. The blood of the Martyrs is what keeps the Church strong, and the Church is currently weakening.

Another good thing about martyrs (if you're considering that option) is that to be beatified you don't even need miracles - instant beatification - yay! :P

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