venerdì, aprile 27, 2007

My first Tridentine Mass

This morning I attended a (indult) Low Mass celebrated according to the Missale Romanum of 1962 for the first time.

I haven't really processed my impressions yet, but I can say this:
I understand the opinion that the new MR isn't really an "organic development" of the Mass as Sacrosancrum Concilium requested. There are things I think are better in the new Mass, but there are several very good things about the MR62 that makes me really hope that the pope will make alterations to the new Mass (and the instruction to it), or slightly modify the old, so that the good things of them both will be made available to all catholics worldwide.

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Leticia ha detto...

That's exactly how I feel, combine the best of both! Please treat yourself to a High Mass if one is available to you!