mercoledì, agosto 29, 2007

Don't do it

Source: found it on a facebook group site

Day 1

Mommy I am tiny!
I have 15,000 genes from my mom and 15,000 genes from my dad.
I have my own unique DNA only I will ever have.
I have all the genes that determine my personality, gender, and physical characteristics.
I am a living and developing life.

Month 1

Mommy my HEART started beating at 21 days old!
You and I have been communicating; I tell you stuff and you give and share your life with me, sending signals to me all the time.
I am 1/4 of an inch long, 10,000 times my original size!!!
My muscles have started developing, as well as my arms, legs, along with my cerebral muscles, lungs, eyes, intestines, and stomach, and even the beginnings of my nervous system.
So much is going on Mommy.

Month 2

On day 35 I started developing the shape of my mouth, nose, and ears.
On day 42, I started having brain waves!
My own brain is controlling the interaction of my muscles and my organs. Wow!
My cartilage skeleton is here.
On day 45 teeth buds were on my gums and my lips recently developed sensitivity to touch.
I weigh a gram and I have all my organs I will ever have, which is 40 sets of organs!

Month 3

My cartilage has started changing into bone.
My liver is making my own blood cells.
I have taste buds, my stomach has digestive juices and I urinate. I, hiccup, have my own fingerprints!
I suck my thumb, my whole body is sensitive to touch, and I can move away from things if I want and move all over the place. Wahoo! I am about 3 inches.
I can raise my eyebrow and turn my head and smile!

Month 4

My vocal chords have formed, yet I can’t cry.
I am very agile and can kick, move my feet, curl and fan my toes! My vigorous activity shows my distinct personality! I am amazing!!! Little outgrowths of breast have appeared on my chest.
I am really happy here!

Month 5

My heart pumps several quarts of blood through my body daily. My hair is very fine on the top of my head. My fingernails are pretty long.
My sex organs are very developed.
My big head is slowing down growing a bit and my body is catching up! Hahaha.
My neck is growing. Hey, do you feel me doing summersaults? I know I wake you up a lot! Sorry about that Mom! My eyes are still closed. I can hear loud sounds.
I am six inches long and I weigh a whole pound!

Month 6

I look all around because my eyes can fully open!
I have special ointment that protects my skin from the waters around me.
I have all the brain neurons I will ever have!
It’s a bit cramped in here. If I were born right now I have an extremely good, nearly 100% nowadays, chance of living!

Just recently
Something intruded my home. Mommy get it away!
Focepts twist and tear my body into pieces. My spine is snapped and my skull is crushed. Now I am being removed. Mommy!

It’s okay Mom.
I am in God’s arms now.
He cries tears for my life, but now I am in his arms.
I am at peace Mom, why aren’t you?
Don’t commit suicide Mom.
Your life is still worth living Mom.
Mom, why are you so depressed now?
Snap, out of it.
I know you can’t.
Please, get counseling. There are pregnancy help centers that can help you find healing.

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veera ha detto...

den här var bra. var hittade du den?

Kristina ha detto...

Ja, verkligen en bra och gripande text.
Hoppas att det är okej om jag använder den någon gång...
Man måste verkligen lyfta fram frågan ur barnets perspektiv vilket denna text tydligt och talande gör. Folk fokusserar och tänker ju bara på kvinnan och då klart att abort kan tyckas som någon sjävklar rättighet - men hur i all sin dar kan man, i ett så kallat cevilicerat samhälle, stifta lagar efter att man har glömt att även tänka utifrån barnets perspektiv? Jag som hoppades att lagar skulle vara väl genomtänkta...